If you ever think about doing drugs, don’t. They have stolen so much from me.

I’m literally comparing even my greatest elation to the naturally unattainable high from drugs.

It is wholly destructive.

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Not having sex after having had sex is much harder than not having sex when you had never had sex before.

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Angry Orchard is SO GREAT

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What time is it socially acceptable to drink if you’re by yourself?

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Game of Thrones » The Lion and the Rose (4x02)

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to the people who never followed me during game of thrones season?

welcome to the most intense 10 weeks of your life.

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are these screencaps from the new hannibal episode 

“Hannibal is not a cannibal.” — actual quote from the actual show (via rosasdiaz)

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House of Cards

Holy shit. 2x01
Holy shit
I’ve never been more shocked

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